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TOPIC: ET with OsX Yosemite?

ET with OsX Yosemite? 16 Dec 2014 10:59 #49963


Weiß jemand wie man ET unter Mac OsX Yosemite zum laufen bekommt?

Vielen Dank.

Did anyone knows how to run ET under Mac OsX yosemite?
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ET with OsX Yosemite? 16 Dec 2014 14:53 #49965

I would like to know too, last time I asked help in TS for mac, first answer was: First thing: Buy a PC :D
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ET with OsX Yosemite? 16 Dec 2014 17:29 #49966

Can it be run in a virtual window perhaps ? just an idea.
can you install a virtual windows on this mac ? I mean if its just for ET then you just need to install win cp virtual, if its posibel.
I also like to know, I have been asked before and had to answer i do not know :)
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ET with OsX Yosemite? 16 Dec 2014 18:06 #49967


2.60b should run on OSX....cant say if it will run on Yosemite or not but runs on older OSX

Here is a thread from splash that may help.


You can install a virtual machine on mac but it will lag like mad.........My good friend Lucel (NQ mac dev) recently installed windows 7 so he could again play ET.... so i'm going to assume that the newer OSX installs are a pain to set up etc otherwise he would have done it. Same with ET legacy, only a few mods work (silent) with et legacy and OSX...something to do with the binaries not quite being right.

I'll ask Lucel if he knows of a way but like i say he has just installed win 7 so he can play ET after trying to run a virtual windows and having crap lags etc




EDIT** Lucel replied with the following when asked if ET works with yosemite.
The best answer is "so so". Some mods don't work at all ie etpro. Never got a good enough frame rate and mouse setup to consider it seriously but that was with an older Mac - not tried it on my 2012 Mac mini (in OS X). However running win 7 in dual boot and it seems to work great

He isn't saying it can't be done but IMHO if the NQ MAC developer uses dual boot i'd say its probably easier to dual boot than to try getting it working (well enough to play) with OSX.
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ET with OsX Yosemite? 16 Dec 2014 18:39 #49968

I don't how how related this is, but under OSX Lion and later, Apple disabled PowerPC Program support. A command that solved that problem for me (at the time I was using a Mac) was:

seta r_allowExtensions 0

Just in case your problem is related to the loss of PPC support.
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