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TOPIC: Improving FPS on newer PC's

Improving FPS on newer PC's 12 Jan 2016 23:43 #51874

Hey there,
first off I came back to ET after 2 years with a new gaming computer and had massive fps drops.
Fortunately the community and some old forum threads could help. So i thought I'll pack them all together into one.

After setting your resolution
/r_customwidth XXXX
/r_customheight XXXX
/r_mode -1
(taken from the download page)

increase your allocated memory with
/com_hunkmegs 256
/com_zonemegs 32
/com_soundmegs 48

If these settings jump back after a restart of ET edit your shortcut like
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set com_hunkmegs 256 +set com_zonemegs 32 +set com_soundmegs 48

Now connect to KW and change the NQ settings to your liking, although you should set max FPS to 76 (Worked best for me)
Also increase the Hunkmegs and soundmegs in the NQ Tweaks menu.
(don't worry if the values dont match after an ET restart, you can check the cfg file in the NQ folder to make sure it took your settings)

Nvidia users should be fine now. If you have a AMD graphic card like me or still experience FPS drops try
/set r_primitives 2
Thanks to Toooly

After that my frame rate is more or less nailed to the previously set 76 FPS.

Hope that helps :)

As additional information I'm running Windows 10 and the compatibility settings which are suggested everywhere didn't make a difference for me at all.
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Improving FPS on newer PC's 25 Jan 2016 17:20 #51905

Good advice mate.
I have to disagree on the max FPS....76 was great 10+ years ago along with 43 etc, but with todays gfx cards and PC's no one should have issues hitting a stable 125......may sound daft but 125 i better than 76 for things like jumping, you can jump over and on to boxes with 125 where as 76 although possible is much harder than it is with 125.

Also i have an Nvidia gtx970 and had to run r_primitives 2, i only had to do it the once till it was in my etconfig.cfg (default one) but still had to run it to stabilize my FPS....even if you have Nvidia gfx with the latest drivers you may still have to run r_primitives if your FPS are all over the place.

Great advice none the less.


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Improving FPS on newer PC's 26 Jan 2016 07:19 #51907

be sure to cap your FPS, the game doesnt work to well at 999+fps ;)
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