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TOPIC: Spawnkill areas

Spawnkill areas 16 Apr 2009 15:32 #24012

I wanna start with compliments about the way your servers are setup. Nice maps, quick loads and an excelent mod. I've been playing on your server #1 a few days now and enjoy it most of the time but.......

I was surrised about the rulez on the map CHARIOT. As pointed out by an admin while playing the boot was offlimit to aim at. This created a strange situation where allies where camping and fired there sniper, arty and all other sjit from the boot. The axis where not able to take them out becourse of the rulez. I was also surprised about the way the admin was pointing out : "NOT TO SPAWNKILL OTHERWISE YOU GET KICKED" The way the rulez where presented was not so nice and even rude. I've been admin on a great populair server and respect was #1 on our server. For visitors and members. May i suggest some of you admins may think twice before SHOUTING AND THREATENING the visitors on your servers. Its a way of good manors the same way as you invite someone into your home.

Nerons out
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Re:Spawnkill areas 16 Apr 2009 21:05 #24038

Hi there,

1. welcome on our Server and HP.
Pay Attetion to our Serverrules and our Spawnkillexplanation.

I think this explain a bit.
Otherway when u read this, i tell u that is hard to moderate such a explosive spawnpoint like chariot. Otherway, we tested this map without red zones, and mosttime not playable without red zones.
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Re:Spawnkill areas 17 Apr 2009 00:58 #24044

Also remember that no map is won by camping at and shooting from spawn.
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