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TOPIC: TK by Mithrandir

TK by Mithrandir 02 Apr 2011 14:40 #42263

After an accidently TK on Mithrandir with a rifle nade, he tried to votekick me, ignoring my "Sorry". After this vote failed, he TKed with with a knive intentionally.
His attitude = Shit, IMO. Level 4 and some 100k XP?

Following: part of the log. Screenshots at the end.
14:08:51 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER: for a TK and sorry? :(
14:08:58 Mithrandir: idiot tk
14:08:58 DonDaniel: why kick rosin?
14:09:05 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER: :<
14:09:13 Mithrandir: look the game
14:09:26 Mithrandir: many nooooob damn
14:09:34 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER: maybe you are the problem :D
14:09:53 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER: eeehmn
14:10:02 Mithrandir: and your problem
14:10:03 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER: !pants intentional TK with knive???????
14:10:03 Nononoooo, i was killed by Mithrandir with a KNIFE!!!

14:12:18 [ETC]=ROSINENBOMBER -> mith: (1 recipients): notice i have a log of this and will report your intentional TK
14:12:36 Mithrandir: dont cry
14:12:41 Mithrandir: nooooooooob

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Re:TK by Mithrandir 04 Apr 2011 17:47 #42277

we will ask him to behave properly in the
future, complaint noted.
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