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TOPIC: #15!L|kaMIKAze spawnkill

#15!L|kaMIKAze spawnkill 06 Aug 2011 23:58 #43970

After #15!L|ANO did sk I warned him then started recording.. and #15!L|kaMIKAze did it too..

Both guys has more than 500k xp

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Re:#15!L|kaMIKAze spawnkill 07 Aug 2011 03:14 #43971

thx for the demo. well if i see them, ill take action.

but plz krypto (and to all out there who reocrd a demo due to sk), even if they did sk, stop this lame spawncamping. ur just provoking them to sk u, especially with that of a minimum of players on the server. go spec, hit f12 and tell them, that u watch the sk aera.

its also better for us, cause we can determine better if it was inside or outside of sk zone (sometimes hard to see that from the 1st person sight).

regards blech
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