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TOPIC: Clarifications

Clarifications 03 Mar 2012 23:37 #44972

Well, On Supply Depot today, playing as Allies, we had taken forward bunker and blown gate. Running out of top floor spawn always means running into a heavy barrage of arty spam and panza. So I chose to run downstairs to get out that way. Was promptly shot in the back by an axis junkie who had run behind spawn and was hiding there to pick up anyone trying the only other route out of spawn.

When complaining, I was told by an admin that SK is only on the floor you spawn.

Now, where exactly in the SK rules does it mention that? I was clearly within the red zone - the red zone is not 3 dimensional so how is anyone to know which floor you can SK on? Ground floor ok, 1st floor ok but 2nd floor not?

This is just stupid and not at all clear - The map shows a clearly marked red square as SK area - so that should be the area, irrespective of whether I am on ground, 1st, 2nd floor or indeed have dug myself a hole in the ground.

There are other maps with more than one floor in spawn area (La Rochelle if you insist on an example - what are the rules there?)

The list of "floor-specific" rules for all maps will be massive and nobody will remember all of them, so why not simply say: Red Area is "NO SK" zone - full stop! That way there can be no arguing.

You can take the discussion further... What if I had 1 foot on "spawn floor" and one on the 1st step down to next "non-spawn" floor - was I only half spawn killed? Does the player get a half warning?

Come on - wake up and smell the coffee - either allow all SK or make the red zones SK zones irrespectively of which floor the spawner is on!
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Re:Clarifications 04 Mar 2012 11:34 #44973


the spawn-killing rules require some sort of common sence. As the name implies, the purpose of the spawn-killing-zone is to avoid killing in the zone where you spawn, i.e. it is a volume, restricted in three dimensions.

As the command map however can only map the map in two dimensions, the command map is not able to capture the three dimensional nature of the map (whooha 5x map in one sentence, im the masta-butcher of the english language)

So bottom line, sk-zones are itself 3-dimensional, and the other was right to shoot you.

HOWEWER, no rule without exception. The classical arti-on-roof-on-goldrush-ga/oasis still brings you a kick in the nuts.

SK-zones should be as small as possible but be able to ensure that playing stays funny for all..... arti in spawn is no fun.....

My personal pressise is: If it is questionable if its sk, then its already WAY too close at the spawn....

best regards Bad.
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Re:Clarifications 07 Mar 2012 15:11 #44981

My rule is, if there is any doubt, then don't shoot.
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Re:Clarifications 09 Mar 2012 22:28 #44990

Amadeus_Denmark wrote:
My rule is, if there is any doubt, then don't shoot.

this is very wise. and you do good following that rule.

nothing more to say, brauni explained it very good.
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