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TOPIC: TeamSpeak Overlay - good extra tool for ET

TeamSpeak Overlay - good extra tool for ET 09 Mar 2009 00:03 #22192

Did you ever run TeamSpeak, talked to a group of people and almost lost track of who you are talking to?
Did you ever hear someone join and wanted to know who it was without leaving the game you are just playing?
Ever wanted to have some program that shows you what is going on in TeamSpeak while you played a game?

Here is the answer:

TeamSpeak Overlay

The idea of the program is, that it runs as extra program along with TeamSpeak and shows who is speaking in the game.

For example, you are in a teamspeak channel, playin ET, and you are talking to 4 or 5 persons along with it.
That, for example, would look like this:

Notice the names in the top left corner!
Everybody there is speaking right now, the one talked first is in the top row, the last one, who said something is in the last row.
(I asked them all to say something for that screenshot...)

Ok, here is how you install it:
1) Download it here:

Download from the second link!

2) Install it...
Agree to all.

3) Start the program, called TeamSpeak Overlay.
It should be in START --> Programs --> TeamSpeak Overlay Beta --> TeamSpeak Overlay.

4) Click OK to get rid of that warning, that the program is still in beta state.

5) Click on OPTIONS

6) This is important:
Enter your name exactly the way you entered it in Teamspeak!

7) Now click on the DISPLAYS tab at the top.
There you can change the settings of the messages in the game, meaning where Overlay will be displayed.
I use top left, but that is up to you.
For ET noquarter I suggest "top left" or "left", or "right", so it wont interfere with the compass or your health indicator etc...

8) I also suggest you change the 2 click-fields to not-marked, as displayed here.
(You dont need to see when you say something, because you know that you say something. :-D And the channel does not matter, as long as people are with you...)

9) Now click on the field as displayed here, so you change to the next settings...

10) The Logroller is the part for the join or leave messages, those can be displayed, too.
I suggest you set it like this here...

11) Here is the next options site, the one for the FPS Counter in the game.
(FPS means the speed of your graphics beeing shown. Higher = Faster = Better)
Since you can enable that counter in ET itself, you dont need it from TS Overlay.
Disable it by clicking on the unmark-field.

12) Go to the next options, the clock.
The clock would show you your local PC time in the game.
That, too, is something you can enable in ET itself, so disable it here, too.

13) Click on DONE to save the settings.

14) The program will go back to the first screen and you have to click on ENABLE to start it.

15) That is it.
The program is running when your screen looks like this.

Now start ET and the messages should be there.
Attention: TeamSpeakOverlay does not run in ETPro!

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Re:TeamSpeak Overlay - good extra tool for ET 18 Jan 2010 09:12 #33309

Is this tool running on ts3 too?
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Re:TeamSpeak Overlay - good extra tool for ET 26 Jan 2010 19:58 #33538

glaub ich kaum und geht sowieso nicht bei etpro
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Re:TeamSpeak Overlay - good extra tool for ET 29 Jan 2010 11:05 #33606

Unfortunately it does not :(

This software is legacy, therefore it does not support:

* Windows Vista or Windows 7
* Any Windows Server OS
* Any 64-Bit version of Windows
* Integration with TeamSpeak 3
* DirectX versions > 9

No TS 3 Support -.-
TeamSpeak Overlay is no longer developed or maintained
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