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TOPIC: HowTo - Reporting a Demo.

HowTo - Reporting a Demo. 30 Jun 2010 23:10 #37775

Since the built in system of ET is really screwy and outdated I looked up an alternative method to making a Demo for ET. Step by step.

1) Go download fraps www.fraps.com
Even if max length of the film is 30 sec, it should make due

2) Get fraps working and bind it to a key.
Now by default, fraps will record with a huge file type which fills a lot, we will change this later.

3) Get Windows Movie Maker up and running.

4) Import the avi file to collection or whatever its called and add it to the storyline on the bottom edge of the screen.

5) Click files, save filmfiles (Ctrl+p), save it on your computer, name it and its location.

6) Okay, here's the tricky part; Click the middle button "adjust to filesize" and then lower it to the needed requirement for your video provider or where ever you choose to put the file up for download. When you click next, the file is compiled into the movie that your standard video player can use.

7) Remember that if you lower the amount of space used, the video quality turns worse. Make a compromise.

That's that.
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