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TOPIC: improve et_adminmod commands?

improve et_adminmod commands? 16 Apr 2009 18:23 #24025

okay, first a screen of the players on the server (not really necessary, but anyway)

now, i did this:

as you can all see, sam buca is WHITE and not colored like in the first picture

i suppose etadmin.cfg looks like this:
fistdeep                    = chat "<PART2NAME> ^dgets fisted ^3real deep ^dby <COLOR_PLAYER>^d!"
or something like it

well as far as i know, it could also be this:

which would be in etadmin.cfg like this:
fistdeep                    = chat "<PART2CNAME> ^dgets fisted ^3real deep ^dby <COLOR_PLAYER>^d!"

so instead of <PART2NAME> make it <PART2CNAME>

you have to keep in mind that the colors of players will carry over to the rest of the text, but in this case that won't be a problem because there is ^d behind <PART2CNAME>

now in this case everything would be great, but if <PART2CNAME> wouldn't be the start of the sentence, it should be (with the example of a yellow sentence): chat "^3blabla begin ^7<PART2CNAME> ^3blabla end"

I hope you understand all of this, if not, i'll try to explain it otherwise

but the point is, turn this:

into this:
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