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TOPIC: Want to hear opinions and revievs from all..

Re:Want to hear opinions and revievs from all.. 09 Apr 2011 10:44 #42332

Although, I'm late to comment I'll do it anyway, I also like the balloon pic xD

In general, i like your close up pics of for example flowers, more then the panorama ones. Its not a critic really, just a matter of preference. Its noticeable that you love architectural pictures and wider angles, so my only suggestion would be to try HDR photography. I have never personally done it, just seen the effects it creates and think it would serve your photos to great effect.

In addition, when taking action pics i in general set my camera to shutter speed priority, as to lower the shutter speed and emphasize movement. Probability is, you have done such pictures in these "sessions" you are posting, i would like to see those too. xD

Btw, most of the equipment you are recommending I'm actually using, so i consider it to be a good advice.

And finally, I'll hopefully post some of my pics too sooner then later, so i can get some feedback too. Love sharing thoughts on photography xD
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