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TOPIC: Someone attempted to scam me (for money) :)

Someone attempted to scam me (for money) :) 30 Jul 2012 00:08 #45589

Ok, so someone attempted to scam me, i was in joking mood so i went with it for a while, and had great fun toying around with scammer.
He found me as some random skype guy.

We even did voice chat :)

This is chat transcript

This is voice recording (i downloaded skype plugin just to record guy :D) 14 minutes

And this is email i sent him afterwards

I had great benefit from this, my concetration skill went to 99, it was really hard not to ROFL literally.
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Re:Someone attempted to scam me (for money) :) 30 Jul 2012 11:18 #45590

Heh, that was nice to read :D
In case you dont know this site: www.419eater.com/
A scam-baiting community. 419 refers to the nigerian criminal code for frauds.
The best stories can be read here: www.419eater.com/html/letters.htm

And... never feel sorry for these guys. They are criminals, their spam is wasting millions hours of peoples time every month, and they try to financially ruin every trustful fool they catch.
Despite people who try to benefit from things like 'dictator X's family is trying to save their hard-worked blood diamond money and needs YOU' do not deserve much pity as well.
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