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TOPIC: What's wrong with you, retarded

What's wrong with you, retarded 04 Dec 2016 02:21 #52468

I'm talking about AoS|Amadeus (aka Homodeus), yes, what's fucking wrong with you? Why did you always ban me from your shit server without reason? I don't fucking care that you ban me from the only one nq server with people (and of course this means that I'm not playing et anymore). But I want to know the reason, pathetic noob.

It's the reason because when I was in Artyk I pwn you and all of your clan?
Maybe because I can kill you with 1 pistol while you have 5000 hp and aimbot?
Because I call you noob?
I'm really TOO PRO for you?

You ban me from all the places, server, forum and ts, so I can't find other place to speak with you that this forum. Again: Why you ban me without reason, even after 1 year without playing et (because I went to live to another place), and the first time I play et in 1 year, in your fucking shit server, pwning all of your trash people with that PATHETIC ADRE that reduces the damage while I play with 50 xp xdxdxdxd

So, fucking noob, anything to say? Can you give me the reason? If not, I will very sure that the reason is I'm too good for you and your noobs. I curse the day that AoS created a server and STOLE the 80% of kernwaffe players, one thing stupid noob, sooner or later I will create a server with a DECENT ETCONFIG and your SHIT will drown on the deepest excrement well in the world. If necesary, I will pay to kernwaffe admins 1000€ if they can pay your noobs to buy them to play in kernwafe instead of in ARMY OF NOOBS.

Bye Amadeus, you will be always a VIRGIN, a NOOB, and a NO-LIFE man, RECOGNISE IT, you will be ALONE for the rest of your PATHETIC LIFE because you don't have in-real friends or in-real relationships, ALL YOUR LIFE is a fucking bunch of pixels that can shot an mp40 (and on the top of it, you do it bad) and some shrubbot commands to feel power for 1 time in your life. YOU GAVE ME EBOLA

Kisses. I need to say it to you. Puto payaso de mierda, que me cago en tu estirpe

PS: Reply me, coward. Gimme the reason.
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What's wrong with you, retarded 04 Dec 2016 12:38 #52469

Dear Lou,

The hate that Amadeus has brought has destroyed our community and servers, we've had about a thousand times enough of this shit, so please refrain from ranting here. Also he's - obviously - banned from this forum since he's been using it to promote his server to everyone... What might happen is he sends me a message that he's banned and what to tell you. Since I won't read or even open it, you won't get an answer here.

If you want to talk to him, just connect to our servers, he shows up there from time to time using a different nick name. Provided there's people to lure to his server of course. :D

I'd like to add that our forum - dead, half-dead or not - is not a place to insult ppl, even if it's "that guy"...
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What's wrong with you, retarded 05 Dec 2016 19:45 #52472


Yea. People have different reasons. Its his server and his community so its up to him to decide. Does he do correct or incorrect descisions is just up to him. With going to his server, you will agree his terms. Its the same in KW server and forum.

Beeing that angry over something that happened more than a year ago against an old man :D thats too funny to be happening.

But I wish you all the best. I think you were also on the edge in KW server so it might be both of you clashing? :)

The sad part here is the fact that you are angry behind your keyboard and write here.. and it doesnt even reach to him. Its like I go to work and yell something hysteric and angry about someone who doesnt even work there.. pretty pointless.

But therapy-wise we're here to help.

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