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TOPIC: Kicked for spawnkilling?????

Kicked for spawnkilling????? 29 Sep 2012 20:58 #45988

Hello played some times on our et server *XP* kernwaffe.de NQ No1
today i was moved spec for spawnkilling at redzone...

Normaly i conformed this rule buet today a user "PEBkac" was sitting inside the redzone with mortar and shooting at our spawn. so decided to kill the mortar guy... i dont go inside the red zone i shoot him outside. but first he moved me to spec. and when i write him ingame he kicked me witout explain... he only said" you kill me inside red zone" but i must say when he is sitting inside and noob mortars at our spawn this rule is not okay i must have a chance to kill this guys.

pls look in the furture about this rule and pls look which guys you give admin rights on the servers. admin must explain why they decides some things. and dont kcik witout an reason.

best regards.
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Kicked for spawnkilling????? 29 Sep 2012 21:05 #45989

you had no idea about our rules. you didn t stop discussing after being told to stop
spawnkilling. you were given a break for 10! minutes to go to the homepage and read
the rules. that s reason enough. there was an explanation btw, it was given in the kick
meassage: "!kick jarus go to www.kernwaffe.de and read our spawnkilling rules".
if you would read a bit more and talk a bit less it would really be an advangtage for you.

it was not pebkac who put you spec and it was not pebkac who kicked you. it was me and
the reason was total ignorance of our rules, and stop telling us to whom we give admin
rights and to whom we do not.

so please, spare us your nonsense and whining and read the rules before you come back
to the server.
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Kicked for spawnkilling????? 01 Oct 2012 17:45 #45998

Jarus vs Unterhose 0-1 :woohoo:
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