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TOPIC: Bad..

Bad.. 15 Oct 2013 19:26 #47667

LOL people should all have same lvl no special rights.. they vote to skip each map so why the hell even add maps if they skip it all the time? also the artillery causes lags and makes the rifle jam.. and i got kicked for bad behaviour well KUH your THE BADDEST ADMIN in ET history you kick people for SK while there is no redzone then 5 minutes later you do the same your some selfisch bitch that bends the rules for your own purposes and everyone knows.. you talk to players with no respect at all no wonder u wont get respect from them.. and some idiots have to be topshot in hitting complain even when you say sorry and cant complain to them when they TK because of lvl..

so really if you want to keep your players start changing stuff..
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Bad.. 15 Oct 2013 19:52 #47668

i d appreciate if you could critizise without insulting people. this way
nobody takes it serious. topic closed due to lack of manners on your side.
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