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TOPIC: Luke having a bad day or need some attention :))

Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 13 Sep 2014 02:47 #49636

This is funny.
Read log of game time between 1:45 (+/-) to 2:15 CEST time (UTC+1)

Short story:
I told something to someone then luke bump into my talk with that player (he somehow though I talk to him? its rude of him because I didn't talk to him or that other person to him) so he interrupted our talk by kicking me (first screen ) then I get back after 5 minutes and ask him wtf why he kick me (he wrote reason on kick msg, that was wrong, not true) and when I tell him (look in log and/or screenshot ) to not kick me without good reason, Luke said I isulted someone? (haha), and when I said its not true and I did not insult anyone he perma ban me :D That is so immature :D No proof just some kid noob word and own (wrong) judgment. Wtf is wrong?

I hate people that have got some powers in game and use it like a kid lol. That is so immature and noob.
I hope he cannot delete chat log from server and that you can read everything?
So please unban me or prove me wrong.
anyway I am off to play [!!!]Hirntot, 6 Map untill reply here
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 13 Sep 2014 07:39 #49637

The reason language sounds very plausible to me. :D
In my opinion you pointed out the real problem yourself: "i am drunk"
If you are not drunk anymore and realize this behavior does not fit to kernwaffe and apologize in a friendly way Luke might change his decision and lift the ban. Else have fun on Hirntot. :evil:

2014-09-13 02:19:43 tiger_dump luke !ban thyriad language
2014-09-13 02:19:29 tiger_dump luke thanks
2014-09-13 02:19:20 tiger_dump Thyriad and i got a screenshot tommorw it will be on forum so have fun
2014-09-13 02:19:00 tiger_dump Thyriad or learn to read
2014-09-13 02:18:54 tiger_dump Thyriad so get a life
2014-09-13 02:18:49 tiger_dump Thyriad ou really got some problems kiddo i did not insult anyone and did not talk to you
2014-09-13 02:18:27 tiger_dump luke i' admin here, and you will not insult people here
2014-09-13 02:18:07 tiger_dump Thyriad tell your name
2014-09-13 02:18:04 tiger_dump Thyriad so get a life and dont kick players for talking with other players you are not god people dont talkto yo ou only if ythey dont
2014-09-13 02:17:49 tiger_dump My|$tyle luke is 67 yrs old, hes not kid
2014-09-13 02:17:39 tiger_dump luke if you can'e some normal beeing withe me, you probably let it be
2014-09-13 02:17:29 tiger_dump [BOT]Testa gay mines
2014-09-13 02:17:27 tiger_dump [BOT]Testa ffs
2014-09-13 02:17:25 tiger_dump Thyriad I didnt start conversatio with you and you bump into my talk with other player
2014-09-13 02:17:03 tiger_dump Thyriad you got some problems kid
2014-09-13 02:17:02 tiger_dump luke i' not a towel for your dirty mouth
2014-09-13 02:17:00 tiger_dump My|$tyle hahaha
2014-09-13 02:16:55 tiger_dump Thyriad gonna post it on forum
2014-09-13 02:16:44 tiger_dump Thyriad i got screenshot of what you and i told
2014-09-13 02:16:36 tiger_dump Thyriad you had no reason to kick me are you under age?
2014-09-13 02:16:27 tiger_dump Thyriad luke? wtf you got some personal problems? what is the reason you kicked me? you talked to me when I did not talk to you and you
2014-09-13 02:15:25 tiger_dump My|$tyle someone are ready for ban
2014-09-13 02:14:56 tiger_dump My|$tyle !showmaps
2014-09-13 02:11:21 tiger_dump luke !kick thy bb
2014-09-13 02:11:06 tiger_dump Thyriad luke
2014-09-13 02:11:02 tiger_dump Thyriad ee fu i wasnt talking to you lol go get some friedns
2014-09-13 02:10:54 tiger_dump [BOT]Testa you must be kitten
2014-09-13 02:10:49 tiger_dump luke i' not your friend, neither your fucker
2014-09-13 02:10:46 tiger_dump Thyriad lol its normal map but summer omg
2014-09-13 02:10:42 tiger_dump luke first off al you will not talk like that with me
2014-09-13 02:10:38 tiger_dump [BOT]Testa really?
2014-09-13 02:10:33 tiger_dump Thyriad w8!!! its fuel dump!
2014-09-13 02:10:31 tiger_dump [BOT]Testa map is really hard
2014-09-13 02:10:15 tiger_dump Thyriad is it small?
2014-09-13 02:10:14 tiger_dump luke learn it
2014-09-13 02:10:09 tiger_dump Thyriad idk map
2014-09-13 02:09:38 tiger_dump luke !spec999
2014-09-13 02:08:39 tiger_dump Thyriad and i was inaxis
2014-09-13 02:08:35 goldrush-gals Thyriad how auto move if axis lose
2014-09-13 02:08:23 goldrush-gals Lord-Belial bye
2014-09-13 02:08:10 goldrush-gals luke well, maybe it was auto move?
2014-09-13 02:08:00 goldrush-gals Thyriad fucker
2014-09-13 02:07:49 goldrush-gals Thyriad u noob wtf
2014-09-13 02:07:46 goldrush-gals Thyriad admin?
2014-09-13 02:07:43 goldrush-gals Thyriad put me in axis back wtf
2014-09-13 02:07:33 goldrush-gals Thyriad wtf
2014-09-13 02:07:31 goldrush-gals Thyriad wtdf
2014-09-13 02:07:29 goldrush-gals Thyriad i want to go back to axis
2014-09-13 02:07:25 goldrush-gals Thyriad admin? wtf why i got moved to spec?
2014-09-13 02:04:13 goldrush-gals Thyriad ooo\
2014-09-13 02:03:41 goldrush-gals Thyriad sure
2014-09-13 02:03:38 goldrush-gals TRINIDAD laggg ...b
2014-09-13 02:03:32 goldrush-gals Thyriad 1 on 3
2014-09-13 02:02:28 goldrush-gals TRINIDAD lag
2014-09-13 02:02:02 goldrush-gals Thyriad !rules
2014-09-13 02:01:19 goldrush-gals nie_jedz_czarnego_sniegu
2014-09-13 02:00:33 goldrush-gals Thyriad trinidad u noob hahaha
2014-09-13 01:59:10 goldrush-gals Thyriad !rules
2014-09-13 01:58:34 goldrush-gals TRINIDAD opss
2014-09-13 01:57:56 goldrush-gals Thyriad TOAYSRYRR U CAMPING NOB
2014-09-13 01:57:14 goldrush-gals Thyriad sorry nbut u blinf?
2014-09-13 01:57:03 goldrush-gals Thyriad wtf
2014-09-13 01:56:47 goldrush-gals Leaf !servinf
2014-09-13 01:55:53 goldrush-gals Mett.eagle' !Spec
2014-09-13 01:54:03 goldrush-gals [BOT]Testa ffs
2014-09-13 01:53:47 goldrush-gals nie_jedz_czarnego_sniegu i did not shoot
2014-09-13 01:53:37 goldrush-gals [BOT]Testa xd
2014-09-13 01:53:37 goldrush-gals luke you shoot me
2014-09-13 01:53:25 goldrush-gals nie_jedz_czarnego_sniegu did i kill sb? i was there buy i did not shoot!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-09-13 01:53:15 goldrush-gals Thyriad !skrules
2014-09-13 01:52:59 goldrush-gals luke !warn snie no killing in red zones
2014-09-13 01:51:27 goldrush-gals [BOT]Testa dobra
2014-09-13 01:50:55 goldrush-gals nie_jedz_czarnego_sniegu ??/w
2014-09-13 01:50:47 goldrush-gals G.Prise !help
2014-09-13 01:50:35 goldrush-gals Thyriad omg pnazer noob on so low popupaleted server
2014-09-13 01:48:50 goldrush-gals [BOT]Testa sure
2014-09-13 01:47:15 goldrush-gals [BOT]Testa wow
2014-09-13 01:46:13 goldrush-gals Thyriad omg noob team
2014-09-13 01:44:28 goldrush-gals Thyriad wtf one went to allies noob its not even team now
2014-09-13 01:41:25 goldrush-gals Thyriad sertorius wtf 545 k points and is useless noob omg
2014-09-13 01:40:50 goldrush-gals Mett.eagle' ..
2014-09-13 01:39:47 goldrush-gals Thyriad mortart now is uselsess idiot
2014-09-13 01:39:33 goldrush-gals [Dampf]Laberer thyraid, unleash your powers!!!
2014-09-13 01:38:55 goldrush-gals AoS|IndianA|SP !power
2014-09-13 01:38:10 goldrush-gals Thyriad killyouall
2014-09-13 01:37:57 goldrush-gals Thyriad i am drunk and i kil ou all
2014-09-13 01:37:47 goldrush-gals AoS|IndianA|SP xDDDDD
2014-09-13 01:37:43 goldrush-gals AoS|IndianA|SP MMMMMM.... WHEN TO FINISH WIN AXIS OR ALLIES....
2014-09-13 01:37:32 goldrush-gals Thyriad now with me we win
2014-09-13 01:36:27 goldrush-gals AoS|IndianA|SP !showmaps
2014-09-13 01:36:12 goldrush-gals Thyriad omg axis are noobs
2014-09-13 01:26:05 goldrush-gals Code7 !teams
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 13 Sep 2014 08:10 #49638

He he he its not Latiw?! :P Like me when i'm drunk :) !hug Luke
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i kill my internet provaider bad ping
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 17 Sep 2014 02:38 #49645

So I got kick/ban because of insulting 20-40 minutes before I got ban?
Ok then I understand but why so slow reaction? I had no damn idea what for was I banned because as you see on screenshot I got banned after I was talking about map and not insulting anyone that time...

so ok I am sorry for insulting before but its your mistake luke that you ban me without reason (not telling me reason) First of there is Warn not kick/ban, you should know this things or you really had bad day and didn't give a f about explaining to me.

Anyway.. as I wanted to play right now kernwaffe.de NQ No1 is empty...
only servers with players is [!!!]Hirntot, 6 Map and (HBC)HELLBASKET ETPro3.2.6 so it seems many ppl don't like admins on kern :)
I remember few years ago kern was fun and had many players with servers kernwaffe.de NQ No2 and No3 ! now its only one and as I saw max players was 18? and when I can/want to play is 0-8 players... if you unban me maybe I join sometimes when there are more players but you probably don't need drunk swearing gamer :)
so have fun and maybe we meet on other game someday, your ET server is dead :(
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 17 Sep 2014 07:20 #49646

come on, don t blame anyone else for your shit, but deal with it like a man.
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VI VI VI, the number of the beast.
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 17 Sep 2014 19:21 #49647

Luke is 67 years old? :cheer:
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 19 Sep 2014 12:04 #49649

Luke having a bad day?! Lies!!!

No seriously, if you managed to piss Luke off, you can't really blame anyone but yourself. He's about the most easygoing admin around.
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Luke having a bad day or need some attention :)) 21 Sep 2014 21:06 #49652

Luke is still at brazil watching re-runs of the worldcup :laugh:
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