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TOPIC: More x-mas maps!

More x-mas maps! 23 Dec 2014 03:58 #49976

Uje amsterdam x-mas www.ujeclan.com/mapshtml/amsterdam_xmas.html
Lapland - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=5330
Antartic Base - forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/18498-New-map- (not x-mas but is in the Southpole)
Uje the ghetto xmas - www.wolfenstein4ever.de/index.php/news/w...uje-the-ghetto-x-mas

More snowy maps/suggestions:

Marrakesh Snow - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=13733
Operation Storehouse - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=2329
1944 nordwind
Mountain Assault - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=2308
Missile b4 - et.trackbase.net/map/5730/
Towersrace b6 - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=4894
Tram Siege ET final (hihihi :pinch: )

More winter:
Uje Warzone - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=10702
quotidian b2 - www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=727
Prisioner of War - splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=939 www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=716

Get rid of:

Monte cassino (it's on kw1 for too long)
Bridges (axis never win and it's on kw1 for too long and should never come back)
Mlb daybreak for the original or not, both not that christmas (original)
[ splatterladder.com/?mod=mapinfo&idx=522 ]
wolfsdrudel (it's messy, small, crap, let him stay in kw3)
Pitch black (sucks)
Eagles (lagz, bus is afk and it's on for 3 campaigns in a row)
Rovaniemi Farm (lagz, keep it in kw3 if it's there)


Battle of Wolken spawntimes (axis 20/15 allies 30)
Marrakesh (actual spawntimes are uneven or put marrakesh snow, more xmas themed)
Santas grotto (...)
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More x-mas maps! 25 Dec 2014 16:23 #49983

marakech and battle of wolken spawntimes are joke

southpole - when spawning as axis at flag, u go to cannon and get killed by arty in door around 15-20 secs after spawn (axis respawn is 15) so you mostly wait whole respawn. I would change axis spawn to 10-12 secs or 20+. It would be better, but map would still sux because of only 2 ways being constantly spammed

oasis - i really like this without red zone, but it would best if allies couln't arty the spawn

eagles - I dont think invisible bus ruins the game, its sort of funny feature :D

bridges - yea its unbalanced map

I should also stop playing
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