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KW1: - - NoQuarter 1.2.9 mit 40+6 Slots

KW2: - - NoQuarter 1.2.9 mit 40+6 Slots

KW3: - - NoQuarter 1.2.9 AOS mit 34+2 Slots

Trickjump: - tjmod 1.6.6 mit 16+2 Slots

WAR: - - etpro 3.2.6 mit 20 Slots und PASSWORT



TeamSpeak: - - Teamspeak 3.0 mit 64 Slots


Kernwaffe auf...





Admins und Kernwaffe Staff

Level 11


.es. Squad Leader

.es.Metti    inactive
.es.Onyx    inactive
.es.gr0ss    inactive
Level 12   Legends of Kernwaffe
[.86]Saske[*+*]   Thanks for french translations on old website. Oui!

Thanks for a lot of stupid campaigns and shit maps. :*

(joking, because actually he did a lot of good work, ha ha ha)

[OSX]Elliot[*+*]   Thanks for serving our finnish players. Terve!
  Thanks for epic kw administration - nobody kicked like he did.
SternschubseR   Thanks for a lot of fun with your maps
AoS|Amadeus|DK   Head of AoS
Level 13   Friend of Kernwaffe
a lot of other..     ...people who are not listed here
Level 14   Guardian
Garfield   Defender of Lasagna!
AoS|ZiplocBodypack   Defender of Canada!
Equinox   (inactive)
K@rm@   (inactive)
Level 15   Moderator
Nemesis   Defender of fair Teams! Superserial!1!
eZ.GrizzLy.   Flower pot. Server stats breaker & hacker.
Powl   Pr0pro pw0ner.
[67*]Bong[*+*]   Mr. Nice Guy - but don't hit him!
Franz (DDR)   Mortar God. Kicking Sprees.
[666]Nada[*+*]   Rifle God
Bad.Santa.Brauni   map0r, hax0r, nukularphysiker!1!
failhunter   Managing fails!
[16r]Blech[*+*]   (inactive) Server Beer Drinker - Cheers!
.es.Kuh   (inactive)
.es.MooN   (inactive) Head of StarFaceNetwork
Level 16   Privileged Moderator
Level 17   Admin
.es.Hose   Head Admin (old young and beautiful tired, but and knows everything...)
luke   Server Campaigns, Mappool, facilitation, workflows
***Commander***   Server Campaigns, Mappool
[HRV]MArI[*+*]   Homepage & Propaganda
[LA]LIRR3C   Root Admin
[LaL]BorG[*+*]   (inactive) Root Admin
.es.Silver   (inactive) Head of StarFaceNetwork
.es.Rotti   (inactive) Manages Spawnkillerkicks
Level 19   Owner
.es.Fynbos   (inactive) Head Admin Public-Server

Head Admin Pro-Server


4. Mai - Star Wars Day

starwarsmod"May the fourth be with you!"

On the fourth of may every year we will play the star wars mod on one of our servers.

All players are invited to use a name of the Star Wars movies, for example like Darth Noob, Jedi Pwnage or ChewbaccasHose or somethink like...

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Admins Note: 71 fps restriction

By admins decission from now on we restrict the use of sniper

  • com_maxfps 71

If you use this, up to now legal value, in console or any of your scripts, you will get a kick for a minute.

This is due to that presumption that players might use it to reduce recoil for some weapons (Sniper Rifle, Luger), giving them an deliberate assumed advantage.

Of course all other settings for com_maxfps that were allowed before will continue to be allowed (starting with 43? up to what you choose).

For example the "Magic Numbers" for trickjumping: 43, 76, 125, 333



Kernwaffe Admins

25. Mai - Towel Day


Towel Day is celebrated every year on the 25 of May as a tribute by fans of the author Douglas Adams. On this day, fans carry a towel with them to demonstrate their appreciation for the books and the author, as referred to in Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The commemoration was first held in 2001, two weeks after Adams' death on 11 May 2001.

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29. Mai - Fynbos Day



Special server settings on the birthday of our beloved Kernwaffe founder.

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