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KW Veterans Evening



Monday Evening - Veterans Evening


Do you miss the times of war? Well - talking about public fragging on Kernwaffe ;)

We, who still have a crush on ET, enjoy to have some fun playing and having a chitchat,

will be meeting on every Monday from about 20.00 to 0.00 (Frankfurt Time) for a cheerful interchange of thoughts and putting each other in the line of fire.

Have a look on server et3 or et1 or meet us on teamspeak right away.


We are looking forward to shoot you.



KW1 et.kernwaffe.de

KW2 et2.kernwaffe.de
KW3 et3.kernwaffe.de



Vote the most regularly playing player - THE FUNNIEST

FetziDieLustigeLandmine - 0%
[LdY]LiLi[*+*] - 0%
AoS|Amadeus|DK| - 7.1%
juudas - 0%
Reji #1 - 14.3%
Einstein - 0%
[AiR]Fussel[*+*] - 7.1%
AsS(_*_)Nemesis - 0%
nabs#K@rm@ - 21.4%
kaese - 0%
nabs#Militaristi - 14.3%

Total votes: 14
The voting for this poll has ended on: 18 Nov 2013 - 00:00

Marrakech Streets 2 - By Night - Moded by Bad.Santa/Kernwaffe


27th September 2012

Because of an annoying bug Bad.Santa had a look on the map Marrakesh Street 2. He fixed that issuse and tried to balance it more for allies, as we all like this map but also know it is hard to do the object with bigger teams.

So have a look on the changelog, try the map and it would be nice if you give some feedback on forums.

The map et_mor2_night_kwmod.pk3 is in our current map cycle, so you will download it automatically when playing on *XP* kernwaffe.de NQ No1. Also you can download it directly from the mappool on our fileserver.


Read more: Marrakech Streets 2 - By Night - Moded by Bad.Santa/Kernwaffe


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