ET on WIndows


Download and install: Enemy Territory Full Instalation v2.60b
(no update needed, thankx to HARLEKIN ^^)

Additional Setup options:
Install current PunkBuster Client Version: (v2.254 | A1382) Server Version: (v1.809 | A1382 C2.254)
Check if etkey is needed and download from
Install PunkBuster service installer (pbsvc.exe)
Install Enemy Territory Minimizer (WinXP/Vista/7)
Install Start Menü shortcuts for ET, PB, Minimizer & Help Files

Step 2:

Start ET as Administrator!

Set screen resolution via the following commands in the game console (press ^ after launching the game to view game console) :

/r_customwidth XXXX
/r_customheight XXXX
/r_mode -1

Step 3:

Connect to our servers, here are the IPs ...

Step 4:

Talk to us, download TeamSpeak3

and connect to:

Step 5:

Take a look at the ET Manual

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