Kernwaffe Rules



The Kernwaffe Rules

      1. The Server Rules
      2. Punishment
      3. Spawnkilling
      4. Spawnkillers
      5. Punishment for WA
      6. Unmark as Spawnkiller
      7. Playerlevel
      8. FAQ Rules



1. The Server Rules

There are only a little few rules on our server, but those we expect you to follow:

      1. Spawnkilling  in red marked areas is forbidden and will get you kicked and marked. If an admin or moderator thinks it is necessary to prevent people from spawnkilling in spawn zones without red areas, just follow their orders and do not discuss.

      2. Teamkilling  is forbidden and will result after a first warning in getting kicked.

      3. Teamwounding  is forbidden and will result after a first warning in getting kicked.

      4. Players marked as Spawnkiller will be banned instead of kicked, see "Userlevel" in the menu for more info.

      5. If a player continues after a kick to act like before he will be banned.

      6. No Nazi-shit!

        Talking, cursing, nicknames, tags, movements, ... Such people will be banned in that second and forever. That counts for all kind of discrimination. Do not try Nazi-Shit even for fun!

      7. No Spam and spamming!
        It is more then enough to call 2x for a medic! Nobody likes you saying the same thing all the time!
        You are not allowed to advertise for your clan on kernwaffe.

      8. No cheating!

        Cheater are unwanted here and will be banned forever from all servers.
        (see "cheaters" for more information ->TODO) 

      9. Have Fun! Smile



2. Punishment

With violating our Server Rules we feel free to apply one of the following measures.

      • mute

      • Spawnkiller get marked in our SK-System and instantly kicked

      • kicked from game

      • kicked from server

      • banned for several days

      • XP are reset to 0

      • banned forever from all servers



3. Spawnkilling

SK - short word for spawnkilling.
TK - short word for teamkilling.

It is forbidden to kill, no matter if active or "afk" inside the marked area with ANY weapon.

If an Admin, Moderator, Gurdian says it is or was spawnkill, it is that way!


      • Mortar

        If a player uses the Mortar out of the own spawn or hides as disguised (!) CovertOps in there, he can be killed with

        • Knife
        • Backstab
        • Throwing Knife
        • Poisons Needle
        • Footkick
        • or Goomba.
      • FieldOps

        No airstrike marker is allowed to land inside the SK-Zone

        and no supportfire may be aimed into the SK-Zone!

        First coloured Markerimpact counts.


4. Spawnkillers

      • get kicked and banned for 10 Minutes. 

      • get marked as !spawnkiller in our own SK-System with 1 WA (Warningpoint) for each spawnkill. The system notes who was marked and when.

      • lose Level and get Level 0 for the time.

      • 1 WA means Level 0 for 1 month

      • If the player continues with sk he gets additional WA`s for each spawnkill.

      • 2 WA means Level 0 for 2 months

      • 3 WA means Level 0 for 3 months ... etc. 



5. Punishment for WA

      • 4. and 5. WA - u get baned for 50 Hours
      • 6. and 7. WA - u get baned for 50 Hours and !xpreset
      • 8. WA - !xpreset and lifetime BAN




6. Unmark as Spawnkiller

      • 1 WA = 1 month after LAST MARK
      • 2 WA = 2 months after LAST MARK ... etc.



7. Playerlevels





Common Player

All regular players from the start.


Contact Admin!!!

Nasty Level


Advanced Player

Players >75.000 XP.


Professional Player

Players >150.000 XP.


Outstanding Player

Players >250.000 XP.


Incredible Player

Players >500.000 XP.


Unrivalled Player

Players >1.000.000 XP.


God of Kernwaffe

Players >5.000.000 XP.





.es. Clan Trial Member

Trial Member of the Educated Soldiers Clan.


.es. Clan Member

Full Member of the Educated Soldiers Clan.


.es. Squad Leader

Squad Leader of the Educated Soldiers Clan





Friend of Kernwaffe

Special status awarded by the Admins.


Guardian of Kernwaffe

Game Moderator with special rights.



Game Moderator with improved rights.


Privileged Moderator

Game Moderator with advanced rights.



Game Administrator with full rights.






DocHinkebein & Fynbos














8. FAQ Rules

Q: Basically i don't understand your rules - where to start fast and easy?

A: Ah well, you got here - to get our rules basically is simple like that:

      • Write !skrules in main chat.
      • Read "no killing in red zones!" - say "no killing in red zones!" - think "no killing in red zones!" - and then don't kill in red zones...
      • Press G ingame to see the command map - on some maps you will finds these red zones and a text describing it.
      • Have fun and be nice to others, and we will wish you good luck.
      • Read the rules above.


Q: I don't like your rules.

A: You are free to join another server.

Q: Can we discuss about some rules?

A: Of course we can, omg be the first ever to write about it on the forums *.* hahaha ^^


Q: Will you change the server rules?

A: No.

Basically not. We try to be open minded and try to have a ear for players, changes and needs. In fact we adjust or even change the limits of our rules from time to time to respond to the current and ever changing gameplay of our beloved players and try support the gaming on our servers as we provide this servers. But we will not rub your belly. If you want to hear "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... " you probably should watch "The Big Bang Theory" with Sheldon.





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